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Moneyball for Contact Centers: Using Analytics to Improve Your Workforce

Moneyball, Predictive Analytics, Workforce Science,. Runtime: 3:14

Conference: ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference


Title: Moneyball for Contact Centers: Using Analytics to Improve Your Workforce

Date / Time: Thursday, October 11, 2012 from 3:45pm -- 5:00pm

Location: Dallas, TX


  • Michael Housman, Evolv On-Demand
  • Daniel Dougherty, ResultsTel
  • Mary Murcott, NOVO 1 Contact Centers


A call center’s workforce can have a tremendous impact on customer experience as well as its bottom line.  Hiring and training call center agents can cost a company between $2,500 and $4,500 for each hire, depending on the program and length of training.  Thus, reducing agent attrition is critical to increasing call center margins and improving operations.  Using data from several outsourced call centers, we applied analytical techniques and discovered three findings that have a significant impact on turnover and attrition: (1) responding to job candidates one week sooner increases average agent tenure by 10%; (2) the best trainers produce agents with 41% lower attrition as the least proficient trainers; and (3) transferring agents between supervisors is associated with a 21% lower likelihood that the agent will leave while rehired agents have a 50% higher likelihood of leaving.

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