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Should You Care About Having Friends At Work?

Friendship Effect, Huffington Post, Workforce Science,. Runtime: 3:45

Hosted by: Nancy Redd


Many of us separate our work and personal lives, seeing friendship as something that happens outside of the office but a recent study shows that healthy friendships on the job improve workforce profitability and help you get ahead in your careers.


  1. Miriam Salpeter @keppie_careers (Atlanta, GA) Editor for AOL Jobs; Career Coach
  2. Beth Rankin @beaumontbeth (Beaumont, TX) Editor of cat5 magazine
  3. Shola Richards @positivitysolve (Los Angeles, CA) Corporate Trainer; Founder of The Positivity Solution
  4. Dr. Michael Housman @EvolvBigData (San Francisco, CA) Vice President of Analytics at Evolv

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