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2013 Q3 Workforce Performance Report

July 1, 2013
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Citation: Housman M, Matlins M, Simkoff M, Tsukuhara C & West N. 2013 Q3 Workforce Performance Report: Key Factors Impacting the Performance and Profitability of Today’s Hourly Workforces, San Francisco, CA: Evolv, Inc: 2013.

Abstract: By aggregating performance, retention, demographic, and behavioral data on over five million applicants and employees at many of the world’s most influential global brands and combining these different data streams, Evolv is able to track employees throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle in order to uncover workforce insights.

As a result, the statistical reliability of these insights is extremely high, with the typical analysis incorporating hundreds of thousands of employee data points. The Workforce Report decodes the key factors for workforce performance common to many organizations, irrespective of industry or role.

In this Q2 issue, we unpack the true drivers of workforce attrition amongst 5 categories and determine which have the strongest impact: (1) macroeconomic trends; (2) company practices; (3) workplace relationships; (4) job characteristics; and (5) worker characteristics. We also answer a number of previously unanswered questions about the workforce:

Does working from home have a positive or negative impact on employee tenure and performance? Does technical proficiency with a computer matter for non-tech roles? What are the best conditions for a new office location if the goal is to retain employees? The application of big data and analytical techniques is able to provide answers to all of these questions.