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2013 Q4 Workforce Performance Report

October 1, 2013
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Citation: Housman M, Matlins M, Simkoff M, Tsukuhara C & West N. 2013 Q4 Workforce Performance Report: Key Factors Impacting the Performance and Profitability of Today’s Hourly Workforces, San Francisco, CA: Evolv, Inc: 2013.

Abstract: The top influencers of customer satisfaction – quantified:

Today, customer satisfaction determines market advantage. So what drives customer satisfaction? In short – the people that represent your brand.

Big data allows business leaders to use fact-based insight – not guesswork, to optimize the customer facing workforce and deliver results. For the average F500 company, data-driven employment decisions could have $10 million in P&L impact. Get real world insights and the latest research in the Q4 Workforce Performance Report.

In the Q4 Report from Evolv, you’ll learn why common perceptions about hiring, management, and retention are untrue. You will also see how data reveals the factors that really boost employee performance:

  • Workplace relationships, especially the relationship that an employee has with their manager
  • Employee traits, including some unusual characteristics that are critical to performance in common customer facing roles that you won’t find on a resume
  • Company practices, how just the right amount of overtime is key to productivity and employee loyalty

Get the truth about finding and retaining employees who will help create an optimal customer experience. Download the Q4 Report now or see the press release here.