interview » When Big Data Meets Human Resources

When Big Data Meets Human Resources

December 3, 2013
Runtime: 18:55

Overview: Big data is making its way to HR departments, as more employers use "people analytics" to predict an employee's potential to flourish. With firms like Microsoft dropping old ways like stack ranking, will the shift to analytics be a force for good?

Hosted by: Mike Sacks


  1. John Hausknecht @ILRCornell (Ithaca, NY) Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies at Cornell University
  2. Lauren Rivera (Evanston, IL) Associate Professor of Management & Organizations at Northwestern
  3. Dr. Michael Housman @EvolvBigData (San Francisco, CA) Vice President of Analytics at Evolv
  4. Kieran Le-Petit (Orlando , FL) Recruitment Manager at Tourico Holidays