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In The Workplace

March 27, 2014
Runtime: 24:15

Show Overview:

Whether you work for yourself, employ others, or punch a clock every day, we all face challenges in the workplace. Internationally recognized management specialist Peter Cappelli and employment attorney Dan O'Meara help you navigate the challenges of being an employer and an employee. Learn the art of hiring the right people, resolving workplace conflicts, and dealing with a different manager.

Episode Overview:

Hosts Peter Cappelli and Dan O'Meara talk to Chris Kluwe, retired NFL Punter, about his career, his gay rights stance, and the decision that may allow Northwestern University football players to unionize and be paid as employees. In their weekly "On The Job" segment, they talk to PIttsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Their final guest is Michael Housman, the Chief Analytics Officer at Evolv, Inc. where he applies state-of-the-art statistical methodologies and econometric techniques to databases consisting of hundreds of millions of employee records in order to answer two fundamental questions: (1) what keeps people on the job longer?; and (2) what allows them to perform better?