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Questions Matter: Surprising Insights from Data Science

January 28, 2014

Recruiting involves assessing people by asking questions… but how do you know if you’re asking the right ones? Michael Housman is the Chief Analytics Officer at Evolv, a firm that’s amassed a huge pile of recruiting data - 100 million assessment responses from 3 million people. Evolv uses predictive analysis (think Moneyball) to help companies make better hiring decisions.

What’s Housman’s key learning for recruiters? “Questions matter; the way you frame the questions, ordering, how you ask these questions, they all matter… but what’s really interesting is when you close the loop and match up someone’s responses with the job outcome.”

His “big data” analysis has shown that the right questions are like a crystal ball that shows how likely a candidate is to perform if you hire them. Watch Housman’s full talk from HireCamp 2014 for some concrete examples of how this all works, including specific examples of good and bad questions.