webinar » Applying Big Data Strategy to HR

Applying Big Data Strategy to HR

February 11, 2014
Runtime: 1:00:58

Overview: You may not know it, but your company is already a big data company. Most companies are sitting on a wealth of workforce data – 16 million data points on average for a Fortune 500 company, much of that stored in HR systems. Yet only a very small percentage (4%) of companies have figured out how to harness that data to manage and predict workforce performance.

When applied to the workforce, the principles of Big Data, Workforce Science and Predictive Analytics can help companies understand drivers of worker performance in ways only dreamed about before. Most companies already know how well workers are performing, but with Big Data, companies can also know why they are performing at that level, and how they can improve worker performance.

Companies already applying Big Data to HR are reaping rewards. Deloitte reports that HR teams are four times more likely to be respected by their business counterparts for their data-driven decision-making.

This webinar will illuminate key tips and best practices for HR practitioners to:

  • Define and build a big data strategy that focuses on WF performance
  • Get value out the data you already have and identify new data to capture
  • Do’s and don’ts for launching a data-driven WF optimization initiative
  • Learn about predictive analytics and how it can drive business change
  • Translate big data findings into business insights that allow you to forecast real measurable ROI outcomes