webinar » The Science of Employee Engagement

The Science of Employee Engagement

August 8, 2012
Runtime: 02:46

Although employee engagement may sound like a fuzzy topic, the truth is that it is a science that can be easily measured, analyzed, and correlated with a wide variety of business outcomes. Organizations with top-quartile employee engagement scores experience 14 to 54% lower turnover and 1 to 4% higher profitability.

Not only that but your frontline employees are the face of your brand and they create the experience that either brings customers back for more or drives them away. This effect is even more pronounced in an era of social media where a good or bad experience can be relayed instantaneously around the world.

In this webinar, Dr. Housman breaks down the science of employee engagement and uncovers some of the secrets that leading brands in the world already know about how to drive top-line business performance by keeping their employees engaged. As part of the webinar agenda, he addresses each of the following questions in turn:

  1. Why does engagement matter?
  2. What is employee engagement?
  3. How can I improve engagement?

Using case studies derived from company in the quick serve food industry, Dr. Housman shows that engagement isn't just about casual Fridays and Happy Hours. It's about creating a culture where employees are encouraged to build a tight-knit community within the workplace, reward top performance, and develop talented employees into company leaders.