webinar » What Your HR Dashboard Isn't Telling You

What Your HR Dashboard Isn't Telling You

May 1, 2014
Runtime: 53:55


What Your HR Dashboard Isn't Telling You: Surprising Workforce Insights from Big Data Analytics


Data is a critical business asset, just like labor and capital. The volume of data that is available and the speed with which it can be analyzed is providing companies with real- time insights into their business. What’s more, it’s allowing companies to predict future business outcomes and drive decision-making now. A recent Bain & Company study shows that adopting big data predictive analytics is worth the investment. Companies who do so are gaining a significant lead over their competitors. Yet, only 4 percent of surveyed companies have achieved the capability to perform predictive analytics about their workforce

Why are so many companies missing out? There are common misperceptions about applying predictive analytics to the workforce. Many companies mistakenly believe that they don’t have enough data, aren’t mature enough, or need to make huge investments in data technology and staff.

Join workforce analytics expert, Dr. Housman, to find out the powerful workforce insights big data and predictive analytics can deliver and why your current HR dashboard may be falling short. Dr. Housman will also share the latest findings in big data workforce research. Join us and learn:

  • Why BI platforms and HR dashboards can tell you “how” you’re doing but are woefully ineffective at showing you the “why”
  • Surprising factors influencing workforce attrition and performance (hint: it’s not what you think)
  • How your company already has the data and expertise needed to make HR big data analytics within your reach
  • How the best Fortune 100 companies are putting big data insights into practice in order to build a workforce that will gives them a competitive advantage