article » Does Job Hopping Hurt Your Hiring Chances? New Study Says It Doesn’t

Does Job Hopping Hurt Your Hiring Chances? New Study Says It Doesn’t

July 17, 2013
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Sure, we’ve all jumped around from time to time but does a stream of several gigs in a short time span really impact your shot at getting hired?

As reported by ERE, an online gathering site for recruiters, a recent study by Evolv’s analytical team discovered the answer is no. A candidate’s work history is a poor predictor of future job tenure. So yes, this is good news!

Results showed absolutely no correlation between the number of positions a job candidate reflected on a resume and how long they’ll last on a future job. A candidate’s resume may raise a red flag to the hiring manager if he or she has held three jobs in the past three years, but according to the results, that doesn’t mean he or she is more likely to leave the new job than someone who worked for the same employer for three consecutive years.

The study examined the number of various full-time jobs participants held during the past five years and how many full-time jobs they held less than six months. As it turns out, employment outcomes revealed there wasn’t an impact based on the number of jobs someone held or how many short-term gigs they held either.

While the good news reflect work history isn’t correlated to future success and job hoppers shouldn’t be quickly dismissed, according to the piece on ERE, in reality, it happens. Recruiters may size up a candidate’s history and incorrectly predict a short-lived tenure at their employer.

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