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I am very fortunate to take the occasional break from architecting machine learning platforms in order to teach executives about the latest and greatest developments in artificial intelligence. I cover a variety of topics and try to incorporate a good mix of: (1) where is the technology now?; (2) where is the technology heading?; (3) how can you prepare your organization for this change?; and (4) what are the ethical implications?



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Understanding the Explosion of Artificial Intelligence:
Past, Present, and Future

We are living in the midst of an explosion of artificial intelligence that is disrupting entire industries and completely transforming the way we live: new cars now have autopilot for highway driving, email and text messaging applications anticipate our next sentence, our phones recognize our faces and voices, and robots are learning to move and manipulate objects on their own.But if the algorithms behind many of these advances were developed decades ago, why are we only now starting to appreciate the full impact of this disruptive technology? The truth is that the convergence and exponential growth in several foundational building blocks is what’s enabled data scientists to unlock its massive potential. Understanding these unlocks is key to predicting where we should expect to see the biggest transformations in the future.Drawing real-world examples from a variety of different companies and industries, Dr. Michael Housman offers up some insight into why the explosion in artificial intelligence is occurring now, how you can best position your organization to harness the power of these advances, and what the future looks like for the fields of computer vision, natural language understanding and generation, reinforcement learning, and cognitive computing.

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Unpacking the
Black Box:
How to Leverage Recent AI Advances within your Organization

Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have the potential to completely transform virtually every industry. Given the exponential pace of these advances, there are a number of questions that naturally emerge: how can leverage these advances to improve business outcomes? Where do I even begin? With 15 years of experience helping organizations to transform through the intelligent design of artificial intelligence applications, Dr. Housman lays out a simple framework for identifying problems can be fixed with data science, offers up several examples from his own career of organizations that successfully made the leap, and then leads a working session to help participants "think about the black box" to identify immediate opportunities for data science to make an impact and walk them through the process of doing so.

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